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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner, if you have clogged drains this tends to not only be a pain, it may be very destructive to your residence. Clogged drains usually leads to these conditions:

• Overflowing water leading to water damage at home
• Unsanitary mess that could be not easy to clean

The most common way that plumbers utilize to clean up your drains is to use an electric drain cleaner or a “snake.” Despite modern breakthroughs in tools, the strategy utilized for cleaning drains performs in similar manner it has within the past 70 years. Electric drain cleaning machines work by spinning blades down a pipe, cutting through any debris found in your lines. Our company, based in #city# has been cleaning drains ever since 1985 and has more past experiences dealing with your drains than any other plumbing company. What makes us different is our technology. We have cameras that we could send down your drains to actually see the clog before we start clearing it out. Therefore, we could correct ANY drain at your residence.

At Qik Plumbing we shall clean your drains with the same quality of experience that our clients have expected from us within the last 25+ years. As soon as you give us a phone call and describe your problem with us we can formulate the suitable solution for you.  With the years of experience in this industry we’ve got the expertise and experience to fix virtually any drain and sewer problem that you may have and keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

These are the most common forms of drain problem we deal with when dealing with household issues:

• Kitchen drains- Soap, fats, and greases will build up on the inner walls of the pipes and prohibit the movement of water at your house from flowing freely. Constrained water flow makes it easier for debris to get caught on the walls even more and soon you wind up with a clogged drain. This is when Qik Plumbing comes in. We will dispatch a plumber out to your home with specialized equipment that can cut through all the debris found in the pipe and unclog that drain for you.

• Shower and tub drains- The reason that these drains clog up is caused by soap and hair buildup from frequent usage. Each day, you have got soap and hair heading down the drain and before too long these two will clog up on the sides of your pipes and cause a clogged drain.   Qik Plumbing could dispatch a technician to your house, if you have this problem, and use our shower/tub drain cleaning machine to clean out your drain and allow it to be like new. No more need to have a shower in an unsanitary mess any further.

• Bathroom sinks- These clog up in the same way to shower/tubs. The major culprit is toothpaste, hair, soap, and grim.

Although the types of drains mentioned above could be the most common sorts to get clogged we are able to unclog ANY drain! This consists of toilet drains, floor drains(common in basements, laundry rooms, and garages), and downspout drains connected to rain gutters.

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