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Qik Plumbing Glendale

Qik Plumbing Glendale

100 N Brand Blvd #347, Glendale, ca, 91203

Qik Plumbing Glendale – call us at 818-492-4295

We at Qik Plumbing are certified and licensed and it is possible to trust us for high quality services. Our costs are fair in comparison with those of other providers. You can yourself experience the difference. Our policies are easy and straightforward to understand with no hidden prices entailed. If you require fast and prompt plumbing services simply give us a call or e-mail us as well as our professionals will reach your location. Need skilled services for residences, offices, flats, schools, faculties or some other industrial and commercial establishments? Qik Plumbing is there to assist you. Below are only a few plumbing suggestions which you can use later on.

Assess each faucet in your house for flows; a slow drip can waste several gallons every day.

To simply help preserve water pressure and temperature, run the washing machine and dishwasher at night.

Don’t pour cooking oils or fats down the drain, because they are able to solidify in the conduits and make clogs.

Place your water heater to 120F for optimum operation.  Call us today at 818-492-4295

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