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  • Q. Is it alright to use chemical drain products?
  • A. Absolutely not. Many retail drain cleaning agents are damaging on the pipes. At some point the pipe’s inner lining could possibly corrode a result of the damaging chemicals. If you need a professional to come clean your drains, just give us a call today.


  • Q. What exactly is a leak detection service?
  • A. This can be a specialized service which will identify concealed leaking below ground and beneath structures, making use of state-of-the-art sound detection tools. You could say these are the most favored, and effective, method for properly and successfully locating the source of a leak. You can depend on us to supply high quality, competent leak detection services and repair service. We’ll determine the specific area of your leak and fix the issue in a timely manner.


  • Q. Why does my water heater run out of hot water so fast?
  • A. There may be nothing wrong with the water heater. It may well actually be that your faucets and shower heads are the problem source. A few older shower heads release around five gallons per minute. More modern shower head styles only deliver half that quantity per minute. If you have an old shower head, switching to a better head with decreased volume may also help. Another issue might be that your water heater’s dip tube should be changed out. If you find yourself still unsure or are looking for some professional help and advice you should give Qik Plumbing a ring TOLL FREE (888) 390-7566 without delay.


    • Q. Why is my hot water heater leaking water?
    • A. The most prevalent reason for water leaks from a water heater would be a rusted out tank. Should this be the case, you will need to replace the hot water heater system. If the hot water heater isn’t actually close to the end of the manufacturer’s guarantee your issue might be from a source that could be less complicated and less of a financial strain. For example, the pressure relief valve, often found at the top part of the unit, may be leaking. Contact Qik Plumbing for your hot water heater maintenance needs. Our skilled, well trained specialists can detect the leak and choose an ideal solution for your situation.

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    • Q. Why does my toilet keep on refilling?
    • A. Many reasons exist for a toilet that always runs. It could be that the flapper isn’t sitting correctly. The flapper can develop a thin layer of scale or a slick film after awhile which may cause the water seal to fail. Switching the flapper will correct this issue. One more cause could be a kinked or twisted lift chain which is simply fixed also. When you know these aren’t the problem, the toilet’s flush valve might be spent.If the problem isn’t from either of these, it may be a broken flush valve. If this seems to be the problem, give Qik Plumbing a call today so we can service your toilet.

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  • Q. Why is my electric hot water heater not heating?
  • A. Quite often the main cause for your water heater not heating up appropriately is a tripped high-temperature cutoff. This is solved by simply pushing the reset button. When that does not work it may be a faulty heating element. Should it be the element you’ll need to plan on replacing it.


  • Q. Does it matter what type of hot water heater my home has?
  • A. There are lots of points to consider when selecting the right water heater. This can include just how many individuals reside in your home, the quantity of tubs or showers, if you’ve got a dish washer, washer or large garden tub and if your water heater is electric or gas. Normally, a 50 gallon hot water heater will be enough for a family of 4. If the hot water heater is electric you would want to think about a 50-60 gallon unit. Don’t be reluctant to call Qik Plumbing in case you’re unclear about what model to use. We’re able to assist you in finding the ideal hot water heater for your household.


  • Q. What exactly is meant by the terms “hard water” and “soft water”?
  • A. “Hard water” is water that contains high levels of calcium and/or magnesium. These minerals in large amounts can leave behind deposits, also referred to as scale, on the fixtures and appliances. Over time, it may also restrict the effectiveness of the appliance or fixture. Hard water also decreases the successful washing action of detergents and soaps for example in the dishwasher and clothes washer. Getting a water softening system placed in your home will essentially remove calcium and magnesium via interaction with salt through the process called ion exchange.


  • Q. Why is there a rattle in my water pipes?
  • A. The trouble may be that the water line is not properly isolated from the physical elements of the home. This means in case your pipes aren’t appropriately isolated from the home’s elements, water going within the pipes could end up relocating to studs, joists or beams beneath the floor or in the walls. This could be a hassle-free fix if the pipes are easily accessible. We can insert materials to insulate the pipes and stop the rattling. In case your pipes mainly rattle when the water is switched on or off it can be that you need to install a water hammer arrester which will take away the jolt resulting from fast closing water valves. Figuring out this challenge is not always simple therefore it is vital that you call on a professional that will help determine the main cause.  Qik Plumbing is simply a telephone call away and able to assist you in whatever way we can; call today!  Call us today TOLL FREE (888) 390-7566


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