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At Qik Plumbing we put a high value on company integrity.  We know that when customers call us, they really want a plumber that they can trust; someone who will be inside their homes doing work.  We believe that if you call a plumber you should not have to worry about that integrity of that plumbers.  You should always be able to expect a clean, honest, experienced, and knowledgeable plumber to arrive (on time!) and provide the highest quality service at a price that you can afford.  With Qik Plumbing you know the you can always expect integrity from all our employees.  All our employees are efficient and value our clients business.  Without YOU we would not be in business.  Our clientele is the foundation of our business.  We provide a wide range of plumbing services ranking from burst pipes to leak detection.  We can even handle bigger jobs such as re-piping a whole house.  Let us be the plumbing company that you can depend on.

Our company was founded in Southern California in 1998.  We have serviced over 5000 home and businesses in that time with an 80% client retention rate which is one of the highest in the business.  We are able to keep that retention rate high because we value our customers service overall.  There is no need to pay if you do not like our services!

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